Amanda Stewart

Amanda Stewart is a solo artist performing as KicknSass and released her debut EP ‘BOLD’ in 2020. BOLD is catchy and high in energy which is hard to forget. KicknSass says it all about Amanda’s music – it’s strong and sassy and she will get you moving. Aussie born and bred, Amanda is from Sydney, Australia and is an award winning songwriter and is currently working on her next release, set for late 2021.

2FRONTIER is a one-stop Composer/Producer & Songwriter duo – Amanda Stewart and Sarah deCourcy, creating impactful cinematic music.

Sarah and Amanda have just released their debut EP ‘Warrior’ featuring 3 exceptional female artists and together they deliver an epic musical experience for film, TV, gaming and advertising. 2FRONTIER is an all-female collective telling a story through powerful, haunting, emotional & cinematic music. A Hybrid of luscious strings, piano and percussive punch to guitars & live drums topped with soaring, powerful & melodic vocals their music is sure to exhilarate the listener.

‘Warrior’ won the 2021 Grand Winner prize at the Australian Songwriting Conference competition.

Insta: @Kicknsass



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