British based BIPOC artist Anita Maj’s style of music marries a blend of Blondie, Avril Lavigne, P!nk, Olivia Rodrigo with a dash of Stevie Nicks. Her feisty indie-rock comes from a heart-felt place.

Her music combines the raw vocal emotion of Janis Joplin and Ann Wilson and the electrifying rock guitar inspired by Jimi Hendrix, and elicits the fearless front women such as Debbie Harry and Joan Jett.

She honed her skills busking on the London Underground and playing venues and festivals all over the UK, USA and Europe as well as radio play across America and the UK.

Her songs bring light to heartache and mental health awareness and brings forth female empowerment across all her platforms.

Recently she has scored placements with BMGPUK and Felt Music, for use in TV shows. Collaborators include Grammy winners Malik Yusef and Sam Barsh, and producer Dan Swift (Snow Patrol).