AuDigent is an audience intelligence platform that provides brands with actionable analytics and insights that optimize the targeting of online, mobile and social video ads. We connect brands directly with audiences segmented by music affinity and fan engagement. This improves ROI for brands while increasing monetization opportinities for recording artists.

We currently track data on over 1,200 of the top recording artists and the combined 2.8 billion Facebook Likes, 768.3 million Twitter followers, 212.9 billion YouTube views, 1.3 trillion audio streams their fans generate. Audigent pulls data from multiple streaming music services, social networks, retail, and radio stations into one powerful dashboard.

Our dashboard for artist provides them with analytics that capture all their audience data in one place. This allows artists to own their data, ultimately allowing them to earn more from monetization.

Our dashboard for brands has tools for media buying, audience management, campaign planning and monitoring, sync, and music licensing.