String Bone is the artistic vehicle for the solo and collaborative songwriting of Canada’s Barry James Payne.

As a songwriter, Payne walks in the shoes of downtrodden vagabonds, wrestles with the aftermath of broken dreams and heals the wounds of collapsed love with cinematic, heartfelt songs that move from bleak darkness into hopeful illumination.

The bone and string point to the unbreakable bone nut that creates the essential contact point between a guitar’s strings and wooden body; String Bone draws inspiration from life’s chaotic vibrations.

Payne’s recent tidal wave of creativity has been sparked by collaborations with other songwriters and producers melding together a hybrid of imaginative musical ideas.

In particular his latest project with award winning Las Vegas-based producer/composer George Leger III and their B>A>G Music Productions partnership and music library, has landed them an exclusive multi-song deal with Vo Williams’ fledgling sync agency Sound Dose Music Group out of LA. While Payne & Leger continue to create for sync, some of their best songs are still sitting in the hopper ready to be signed.

Payne’s String Bone has released 5 singles and 14 videos on digital platforms throughout 2020 and 2021; “Two Stars Collide” (with accompanying video), a collaboration with drum and bass producer Nathan McKay, “A Lot More Better” a co-write with Jay Reihl, “Waitin’ For My Dyin’ Day” (with video) with George Leger III, a cover of Ferron’s “Ain’t Life A Brook” (with video) and several other singles. These singles lead up to two full-length waterfall releases planned for early 2022 – “Coping Mechanisms”, a collection of original songs, and “Cover-Up Conspiracy Theory” an album dedicated to Payne’s early songwriting influences.

In the last 12 months, String Bone has attained over 200,000 streams and views across all platforms globally essentially from zero when he became interested in the online world, reaching a 100,000 streams milestone on Spotify alone just a couple of months ago. That’s pretty good for a folk artist in Canada with no team, no manager, no publicist, no label, no booking agent and no Spotify editorial playlists. String Bone is on over 1200 user playlists and growing with songs being saved over 5000 times.

Payne has been writing music and performing live for four decades and has co-produced and released two full length String Bone albums, ‘nadir’ (2009), ‘Love & Highways’ (2016) and has performed internationally in the US, Europe and across Canada throughout his career. Payne is a core member of Canadian Celtic-Roots band ‘Rant Maggie Rant’, who has performed with several orchestras and in many theatres across Canada. His songs have been featured on three of their recording projects. He also produced their last two albums.

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