I picked up a guitar at 13. By 15 (1989) I began experimenting with songwriting and very basic home recording. My father had taught me how to play by showing me a combination of 60’s Surf and Folk music, Blues riffs, and Bluegrass. I was also drawn to Hip Hop, Metal, and most definitely Punk Rock.

Over the years, I’ve played in a ton of bands and have been extremely fortunate to have toured the country multiple times and record in some great studios with phenomenal engineers.

A highlight was Brian Setzer inviting my band to tour with him as his opening act in 2006. An amazing experience that taught me how to approach the business with equal parts passion and professionalism.

While I still perform in Western PA and NYC, my main focus for the past four years has been instrumental production music in a variety of genres / styles.

I recently completed an Artist In Residency for Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation as a composer and music producer.

I’ve also had the opportunity to produce various tracks for multiple podcasts.

I look forward to keeping the momentum going, and I am sincerely grateful for every experience.




(814) 322-2865