Singer Songwriter Pianist Beth Sass records and performs with an assortment of multi-platinum Grammy nominated composers and lyricists on both coasts. Current projects: Beth Sass with Emmy Nominated Composer Philip Giffin (“Die Hard I”, “Die Hard II”, “Lethal Weapon I”, “ Lethal Weapon II”), Beth Sass with Ira Ingber (Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Canned Heat), Beth Sass with Walter Egan (“Magnet and Steel)”. “…Beth Sass is an American original, taking the bricolage of the every day and crafting it into something so deep and penetrating that it becomes almost sacred.

Her voice, which has always been an amazing instrument, now has the texture of time and the timbre of wisdom — while lulling you into thinking you’re listening to a pop song…”

Besides writing ,recording, and performing, Beth manages the Nashville chapter of Richard Gibbs’ Malibu-based Composers Breakfast Club and maintains a full roster of piano, voice, and composition students.



Nashville, TN