– Busy ,versatile, creative songwriter (lyrics/melody/music; top-lining to tracks; solo writes / collabs).

– Based in Nashville & Philadelphia. Works with talent (producers, artists, writers) in person and virtually .

-Large and very diverse catalogue – w/ ONE STOP & Easy Clear FOR SYNC,

& Artist Placements.


SEVERAL SONGS REPRESENTED by well known sync agencies here and abroad.

29 INDIE ARTIST PLACEMENTS – in seven (7) different genres. Streams in millions.

AWARDS – SONG OF THE YEAR – POSI Music Festival two years in a row (2020, 2019); SONG OF THE YEAR -MIDWEST CMA AWARDS (2019), collab w/ Band of the Year (LAKE N LYNDALE). GRAND PRIZE – Pensacola Songwriters Festival Contest, 2016; Featured performer.

UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE – experience with the CREATIVE and the BUSINESS sides

-Bonnie has been a performer; – organized networking, educational and showcasing events;

-co-managed an indie band, -co-coordinated a chapter of an international music organization;

-developed a “Summer Music in the Park” performance series; -wrote music industry feature articles for arts magazine; -volunteered at GRAMMY IN THE SCHOOLS & other events;

-judged songwriting/ performance contests; gives presentations to non-profits on music topics.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY – every music project stretches everyone’s muscles in new and wonderful ways. Contact her for (virtual or live) coffee. Would love to help with your next project. 615-636-3609; 610-420-9388. Email or call for private links to more material., BUT NEW WEBSITE CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION TO REFLECT RE-BRANDING.

1.FUTURE NOW – One Stop; apocalyptic, percussive, female vox. Different sections with varied dynamics to allow for multiple uses. Possible scene – post war or plague scene, characters trying to find survival

2.MY LAST DAY – One Stop, intense love, dark, female vox, percussive, dynamic
FFO Emmi – End of the World
Possible use / scene – a vampire or zombie love scene, or intense romance thriller situation

3.LIFEBOAT – Easy Clear – acoustic Americana song, female vocal, about how hard relationships can be, with hope at the end; some lyrics apply to more general difficult life circumstances. Possible use – scene where lovers are hitting some rough spots in their relationship; or where one person(s) are having a difficult time, in general.

**NOTE: If you like this sound / artist, I exclusively represent this artist’s catalogue, cowritten with me, of about 24 songs. Themes include– new love, intimate love, perfect fit, troubled love, haunting love, abusive love, love after heartbreak, loss, breakup, running away, etc etc.

4.WRONG ONES – Easy Clear – tempo, sassy, country song, female vox, about going out and having fun, even if it’s not with Mr. Right.
Possible use/ scene – bachelorette party; bridesmaids out for some fun; bar scene.

5.ORBIT- INSTRUMENTAL – Easy Clear – tempo, electronic, fun, track
Possible use- ice dancing or modern dance; animation; video game; fish swimming around;

6.PAINT THE GRAY AWAY –Easy Clear, cool track, hopeful song about ending hate and pain with love and healing. Male vocal.
Possible use – ad for a brand or product that wants to promote love and kindness, or “paint”; public service announcement

7.A QUIET OLD VOICE -INSTRUMENTAL– Easy Clear – lush dramatic, cinematic track, percussive, with a variety of sections with different dynamics to allow for multiple uses.
Possible use – soundtrack or background music to any number of scenes; Disney-esque as well.