B R E N D A N – M c K I N N E Y | BIO:

Brendan McKinney is a singer/songwriter who performs regularly in Colorado, Nashville and Europe.  (https://youtu.be/VdtcGcTRWfk) His songs have been placed in many shows including Trust Me, United States of Tara, Justified, Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva, and Shameless to name just a few.

In April, 2019 one of his songs was placed in a feature film, “Lean on Pete.

McKinney was born in and raised just outside the city of Philadelphia. He grew up in a large Irish family immersed in a world of words and music: his father was well-known journalist/sports writer/music critic Jack McKinney for the Philadelphia Daily News; his mother Doris Kavanaugh McKinney sang with legendary big band leader Vaughn Monroe, and was a popular Philadelphia area performer. Intermingle those powerful influences with the extensive rock n’ roll album collections of his older brothers and sister, and it’s easy to see why McKinney is compelled to create and perform.

“Everybody in my family played at least a little guitar and sang”, reflects McKinney, “My goal from early on was to try and write a good, or hopefully, a great song. I would be cutting lawns at my job and trying to work them out in my head. That was before I even knew how to play an instrument. It led me to making a career as a singer/songwriter/performer/producer.”

McKinney has garnered licensing deals in LA and record deals in Nashville and Colorado over the course of his career.  He is published through Harlan Howard Songs in Nashville and has experienced success with his original work at SXSW (South by South West). https://youtu.be/POMhSZLXR4I        *McKinney is currently applying the finishing touches on a new multi song project, “Skin a Cat.









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