Prepare your earballs for the poppin’ power duo, Cake Without Candles, featuring husband and wife team, Elisabeth and Scotty Lund! Elisabeth is a badass Stuntwoman by day (Avengers, Captain Marvel, Future Man, Fear the Walking Dead), Songwriter by night, and Scotty is a Producer, Writer, Composer, and formerly a professional drummer for 20+ years (Rihanna & Drake, Agent Orange, LA Lakers, The Surfaris). They collaborate daily to create authentic, innovative, exciting, fun, feel-good Power-Pop that’s super groovy and soothing to the soul. Their signature is blending genres to defy definition by combining raw instrumentation with electronic elements, some catchy lyrics and cool-mod beats. They’ve synced songs on film and TV including Nat Geo Channel, Hulu, MTV, and many more; and have composed a couple soundtracks with more in the near future!

Even when Elisabeth is leaping off buildings, crashing a motorcycle or fighting super-villains in a far and foreign location, they continue their creative flow from afar. From time to time, Scotty will hop on a plane with a mobile rig in hand, producing the next track on his way to visit whatever exotic location Elisabeth is filming; all in the name of creating catchy, authentic music that is their lifeblood!




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IG: @cakewithoutcandles