Camille began her career in law by completing her training as a lawyer. Passionate about culture, she quickly turned to the entertainment and copyright fields. Her curiosity also leads her to cultivate a multitude of interdisciplinary skills having previously worked in intellectual property law at a big Canadian law firm and being currently involved on the board of directors of a theatre company and as coordinator of a legal clinic for artists. She will join Bravo Musique as publishing, licensing, and contracts coordinator in the spring of 2021.

In a few words Bravo Musique is…
A music and talent company that represents and promotes the influence of local artists with values of authenticity and inclusiveness.
A rich and diversified catalog that is not restricted in musical genre or form, but always aims for excellence and uniqueness of its content
Many French-speaking artists, a few English-speaking artists, and a few instrumental albums
Versatile artists who, for the most part, sing, write and compose.
You probably know many of the artists we represent: Coeur de pirate, Jean Leloup, Émile Bilodeau, etc.
You may have heard some of our works in Canadian productions (Jeune Juliette, La vie compliquée de Léa Olivier, Le chalet, Et au pire on se mariera, Orphan Black) and international productions (Snowpiercer, A Simple Favor, Child of Light)
Most of the works in our catalog are “one-stop” at Bravo Musique

Driven by a spirit of exploration and innovation, Camille aspires to highlight the unique and inspiring works of Bravo artists through various media and particularly like the intersection of artistic mediums when music is combined with visual arts, media arts (cinema and series) and new media (virtual art, video games, etc). She also likes when the music of Bravo’s artists brings people together, is part of a message and carries ideas.

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La jungle du capital, Émile Bilodeau [videoclip] :
Les amants de Pompéi, Thierry Larose [videoclip] :
Nous après nous, Les sœurs Boulay [videoclip] :
Tokébakicitte, Jérôme 50 [videoclip] :

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