Charlie Davis, Spirit Music Group

Charlie Davis is a musician, DJ, music supervisor and one-time game show contestant. A native of Long Beach California (The LBC), Charlie has worked in the NYC music industry since 2006 with Downtown Music Publishing, EMI and Warner/Chappell before moving over to Spirit in 2015. Charlie has a degree in History from UC Berkeley and a degree in Music Business from NYU, and once played in a new wave wedding cover band called The Combovers. In recent years, Charlie has worked on campaigns with Apple, Nike, Samsung, Tecate, Youtube, DirecTV, Buick, Royal Caribbean, Nature Valley, Ford, Nestle, Applebee’s, General Mills, Powerade, Diet Coke, Buzzfeed, Vice, HBO, ESPN, Crossfit, Bud Light, Honda and Acura. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.