Pusher is a concept from the music supervision company Hit The Ground Running. We’ve signed up some of our favorite artists that we’ve met along the way and represent their choicest tracks exclusively for trailers only.

We are a collective of producers, beat junkies, guitarists, bands, programmers, DJ’s, singers, drummers, composers, engineers and rappers.

Pusher is proud to present: AC Slater, The Airplane Boys, Applescal, Archive, Beat Ventriloquists, Camo & Krooked, Chroma Code, Cinephile, The Crystal Method, Das Kapital, David Lynch, Death Grips, DJ Shadow, Drop Electric, echolab, Francois-Paul Aiche, The Gaslamp Killer, Heavy Young Heathens, HECQ, Hounds, IFF, Johnny Klimek, Josh One, Ki:Theory, Killsonik, Krampfhaft, Matisyahu, Mount Cyanide, MRR-ADM, Multiverse, Orbit Unstable, Paul Jebanasam, The Peach Kings, Pinch, Reinhold Heil, SHIRT, SNDCLSH, Sine Kode, Strontium Dog, Superhuman, Terry Lynn, THURZ, Toydrum, Trifonic, TTL, Ursine Vulpine, Warpaint and Zack Hemsey.