Hi Everyone, I am a trained composer (Eastman, Manhattan School, Hobart
College) and music producer. I started my career as a NYC jazz and session
player and scored TV and Film. I received an Emmy Nomination for one of the
many documentaries I scored for ABC news for orchestra. Moving to Los
Angeles, I scored a MOW for ABC, some low budget features and did some
orchestral arranging. I later transitioned into many years in business as an
executive for Warner Brothers on the international film side and then with Live
Nation as an executive acquiring music festivals and promoters and new
venues and other duties. I started gigging again as a guitarist and started
seriously writing and recording music, getting a number of licenses for tv and
film. Cues are included in television movies, commercials and The Houston
Texans extensively used one of my country tunes in their television
programming. Working out of Los Angeles and Florida now, I am again
looking for more scoring and licensing work and assignments. I have a full
studio in my house and, other than singers and occasional players I hire, I
play, record and mix finished songs and cues to a professional standard. I can
write in many styles and work quickly and collaboratively with other artists and
business people. Thank you.






(310) 480-3695