Christiana Sudano is the founder and President of Do Less, a Los Angeles based management company that specializes in bridging the gap between writers, producers, artists and creatives in Scandinavia and the United States. The company also acts as a market advisor for Music Norway and partners with Iceland Music among other Nordic countries and runs numerous songwriter camps across the globe.

Through her global outreach, Sudano has continuously brought unique career opportunities and to clients, focusing on blending new technology with tangible products to help create and deliver innovative marketing strategies.

Beginning her career in music in label relations at Universal Music Group, Sudano worked with over 20 associated labels (in both Nashville and Los Angeles,) including Universal Music Group (Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Maddie & Tae, Ghost, Sabrina Carpenter) and Concord where she served as a product manager for releases from Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Vince Guralidi.

At those jobs, Sudano was also responsible for finding new revenue opportunities and developed strong relationships with key stakeholders. She also helped to support the A&R and product development process, working closely with the creative department and the label team to define and execute marketing campaigns which served to communicate legacy, reignite fan-bases, extend audience reach, and drive commercial results.

Today, Sudano’s Do Less Roster includes a cadre of talent that brings her past and present together with a constant influx of new opportunity and creativity. Clients includes artist, writer and producer Among Savages, indie female producer and songwriter Charity Vance, singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Coco Reilly, LA based singer and songwriter Devyn De Loera, songwriter, artist Peet Montzingo, Iceland’s LON, Olive Klug, and artist Wes Chiller.

Sudano is a recent recipient of the 2023 Top 100 Belmont Entrepreneur Awards and has joined forces with Sorum Management (HARV, Felisha and Fallon King, etc.) and will be announcing a number of roster signings in the months to come. Sudano also runs the digital campaign for her aunt, Donna Summer and is a champion for young women in the music industry, believing that the future of the industry will depend on the integration of women in senior positions. As a founder of @dolessmgmt and @dolessproductions she knows that the best way to lead and mentor is by example.