When you send emails to music supervisors, often they’ll receive your email, skim through it and if they don’t immediately need the type of music you’ve sent, they will likely move your email to a folder that’s based on the genre and mood of your song to retrieve later when they need it.

And if you’ve sent a link to your music (as you should) in your email, the metadata in your MP3s will not help them find your music on their computer until they download your music

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that when you send an email you add some descriptive tags into the body of the mail and even into the subject.

By putting a sentence into the email like “The music I’ve sent is dark, moody, sync-based music.” or “here’s a selection of anthemic female empowerment pop music that builds.”

Whatever the main feel of the music is – make sure you put some descriptive tags in the email – it will really help your music to get found when it’s needed and increase the chances of your music being used in a project.