Two of the most important metadata fields are “composer” and “grouping”.

These are the fields where, respectively, you enter information about the writers of a song (you and others) and their PRO information, and in the case of grouping, you enter the information on the publishers assigned to you or your co-writers and the associated PROS.

Without the correct information filled out in both fields, the people who licensed your music cannot fill out a cue sheet, and as a result you wont’ be paid.

In reality, if you don’t have this information correct, the supe probably won’t consider using your music, so this data is doubly important.

In any case it is not hard to fill out. Here’s a quick guide:

Composer: ALL composers and each one’s performance rights organization info must be filled out.

Here’s an example of the correct format:

Mark Frieser (BMI)

Pretty simple, right? And if you have more than one writer, then list them after you. That’s it – no additional data needed than writer name(s) and PRO. This way you’ll get paid your writer’s share.

Grouping: This is where you put your publisher and its associated PRO. Here’s an example:

a.jour publishing (SACEM)

If there are multiple publishers, then list their names and PROs after yours. If you don’t have a publisher, input your name and your PRO again here so you get paid your publishing share.

Simple as that. This way, you give the projects using your music the information they need to make sure you get paid royalties on your licensed work