Sync Summit’s series of online, interactive courses provide you with the opportunity to learn key aspects of what’s important to success is sync, composition, artist management, brand tie-ins and the music business in general by providing you with immersive, interactive courses that give you the opportunity to learn by doing from recognised industry experts.

These are four-to-ten week courses that are comprised of  weekly office hours consultation for personal guidance and instruction, specific assignments and briefs designed to help you understand how you would respond to real-world business and creative situations and constant, personal advice and assistance from expert instructors and Sync Summit founder, Mark Frieser as well as business documentation that we use when we make sync deals, create metadata, create split agreements and much more.

Our mission with every course is to make sure you get the information you need to be successful in the business of music.  Below are links to courses currently open for enrolment. Course listings are updated regularly:

The Sumner Sync Sessions 21 Week Course – $499 for 8 listening sessions and 14 individual lessons click here to learn more and sign up.

Here’s feedback from some of the students of our courses.

“Quick reflection on the course. You have delivered everything you said you would and more—-gone above and beyond. I could not be more satisfied, nor more impressed.

To meet kind and wonderful people is always a joy. To meet kind and wonderful people in your field—who welcome you in, possess the expertise, and what I’ll call a ‘beautiful willingness’ to help you find your way in a complex world—is a profound experience. An ‘initiation’ of sorts, if you will. Nothing more could an artist hope for.”

“Great Job On The Course. As my Kiwi friends would say, ‘Good On You.’ Thanks again”

“Thank you for this awesome course!”

“I never expected to enjoy your course so much. Your world is competitive and can exaggerate our less attractive qualities. You are both inspiring examples of win:win spirituality. What we need everywhere especially wherever there is money. You and your course vision meant a lot to everyone, giving us an anchor during these times. Thank you for that.”