I’ve always had a deep emotional connection with music. I was mesmerized by Beethoven’s Fifth when barely five years old. Playing the piano came naturally, easily. I would practice hours a day. It was a labor of love.

In college I majored in both psychology and music. After getting my B.A. I received a full scholarship to the Dalcroze School of Music in Manhattan. For the next 4 years I devoted myself to studying piano, improvisation, conducting, solfege, and composition.

Years of professional work on the road followed. I performed in
Vegas-style show bands, wedding bands, rock ’n roll bands, and indie
bands, playing bass guitar and keyboard in hundreds of venues from
Boston to Florida.

From there I taught music to Special Ed, Special Needs children. I set
up an electronic keyboard lab and conducted the school chorus. We
performed yearly at the Performing Arts Center at SUNY Purchase and
many corporate headquarters in Westchester as part of the United Way.

It was while teaching music that my compositions started to flow out
of me. I found myself not so much the originator but the vessel
through which music found expression.

Working with a Grammy Hall of Fame inductee and superb New York Studio
musicians, over sixty of my pieces have been arranged and mastered and
are now “ready for prime time.”

In my initial contacts with highly regarded music supervisors my music
has been likened to Ryuichi Sakamoto and Dave Grusin, expressing
universal emotions with compelling, memorable melodies propelled by
creative chord changes in multiple genres and tempos.

The arrangements range from sparse and simple to lush and complex.
Listeners find themselves immediately at home in my music, nourished
on a deep level.

If only I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Your music is perfect
for the movies….”

You are welcome to learn more about me on my website: musicfromthehardt.com
There you will find a welcome video, several other videos of my music,
and a playlist of 30 tunes.

My pieces are all easily cleared and have copyright protection.
I will gladly send a representative assortment through Disco.

I look forward to an enjoyable and successful collaboration with you.

mobile: 914-329-3819

email: musicfromthehardt@gmail.com