Darice G Yellow Jacket

Darice is the CEO and founder of Synapse Publishing & Entertainment, LLC , a combination Publishing, Artist Management/Label Darice has been a performer, dancer, innovator, musician, international speaker, marketer, award winning author and serial entrepreneur founding multiple businesses over the past 35+ years. Synapse Publishing & Entertainment creates and provides original music compositions and lyrics with staff composers as well as strategic partners and coordinates with multiple artists, producers, filmmakers, arrangers, and publishers across genres in a boutique fashion to fit the vision of each individual project creator. She has been a requested speaker, moderator, and contributor on expert panels on topics of film and music including TIFF, Cannes, Sundance, Springboard Festival, The (International) Creative Conference and others.

From serving on theatre boards, to raising money for sponsorship for many not-for-profit organizations to managing touring artists and providing original musical content for various media and films (most recently Heavens2Betsy2 – nominee at the 2019 International Christian Film Festival for Best Screenplay of the year), theatre, and other commercial ventures and is currently providing music supervision for a full-length film/comedy and helping produce a documentary short series. Darice brings a level of professionalism, enthusiasm, strategic acumen, management skills, integrity, and a sense of humor to creative projects she is involved in. She is currently a member of TWIFM, WIFTI, BMI, NSA, AIMP, and other professional entertainment organizations.

Synapse Publishing & Entertainment prides itself on not only its development and support of talent, but on its catalog and extended support and access to writers and performers at all levels. Its unique expert level roster of award-winning music composers both in the US and internationally represents over 200 years of music industry experience and includes award winning writers and composers.