I’ve been a professional musician since the age of 12 when my band got paid $2.50 at our local Polish Festival in a town north-east of Pittsburgh Lower Burrell. I took my passion for music to the next level when I headed to Boston and studied at Berklee.

In 1976, when the disco rage wiped out live music in the clubs, I worked at Bose Corporation, where I became the Recording Engineer, mixing music, sound effects, and narration in over 15 languages. These skills inspired me to open my own business.

I opened a studio in Boston on Newbury Street, where projects for ad agencies, corporate clients and the new wave rock scene kept us going 24/7. In 1989, I married the love of my life and we moved to London to find more challenging opportunities.

All night hip-hop sessions, mixing BBC soundtracks and producing local British singer-songwriters made my London experience rich with diversity.

Relocating to Pittsburgh in 1990, I scored music for the Steelers, Penguins, Penn State and Westinghouse. In 1993, I was ready for Los Angeles! I established myself as a composer on TV shows and indie film productions, with international credits.

And after 28 years in Los Angeles, I moved to Peterborough, New Hampshire, where I continue to make music in my professional studio with clients in LA and the East Coast.

Music is all I do! I’ve been helping people find the music they need for over 30 years! How may I help you?







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