Created in 2009, my melody is a music supervision agency for film and advertising (composer and title scouting, clearances, score production and sound post production).
 2014Un illustre inconnu (music supervisor) (post-production)
 2014Paradise Lost (music supervisor) (post-production)
 2014À toute épreuve (music supervisor) (completed)
 2014Barbecue (music supervisor) (completed)
 2014Fiston (score production)
 2014Mea culpa (music supervisor)
 2014Quantum Love (music supervisor)
 2014Prêt à tout (music supervisor)
 2013The Love Punch (music supervisor)
 2013Attila Marcel (music supervisor)
 2013/IThe Informant (music supervisor)
 2013Demi-soeur (music supervisor)
 2013Zulu (music supervisor)
 2013Love Is in the Air (music supervisor)
 2013The Scapegoat (music supervisor)
 2012/IMax (music supervisor)
 2012An Open Heart (music supervisor)
 2012Low Profile (music supervisor)
 2012Sea, No Sex & Sun (music supervisor)
 2012Nos plus belles vacances (music supervisor)
 2012Plan de table (music supervisor)
 2011Hollywoo (music supervisor)
 2011Bienvenue à bord (music supervisor)
 2011Twiggy (music supervisor)
 2011All Together (music supervisor)
 2011A Butterfly Kiss (music supervisor)
 2011Monsieur Papa (music supervisor)
 2011The Burma Conspiracy (music supervisor)
 2010Miral (music supervisor)
 2010Gardiens de l’ordre (music supervisor)
 2008LOL (Laughing Out Loud) ® (music supervisor)