DavidPhotoDavid McGinnis has twenty-two years experience in the music industry and thirteen years tenure with Mute Song, the vibrant and eclectic music publishing sister to the successful and respected Mute record label.

David joined Mute Song in 1999 as Synchronisation Manager and now manages all the company¹s creative and business affairs activity.

As a creative manger for Mute Song David helps identify promising composers to publish, devises and negotiates publishing agreements and works with composers to help ensure their continued success.

As synchronisation manager David is responsible for global sync marketing and licensing across the Mute group with support from licensees and sub-publishers around the world.   David advocates excellent A&R and good personal relationships with decision makers as the only sure approach to sync success.

Prior to Mute, McGinnis held licensing positions with PPL and MCPS where he gained an intimate understanding of the legal and technical foundations of commerce in the music industry.

David McGinnis was born and raised in Canada and has lived in London for twenty-five years.