Evocative singer/songwriter Elizabeth Chan is already becoming the musical star of choice to top off holiday song lovers’ annual seasonal playlist. The New York City native is once again bridging Christmas’ exotic past with the social media age and kicking off an early announcement of a new collection of holiday originals, penned by Chan and gift wrapped for the upcoming season a la her fourth holiday release, “Red & Green” (Merry Bright/RED/SONY) on October 2.

Produced and written by Chan, the 12 song album is a collection of previously released holiday gems, and brand new offerings, including the title song, “Red & Green” augmented by anthemic chimes and Chan’s soaring voice. The much anticipated single – “Christmas In The City,” – which holiday music aficionados taste-tested last Christmas to rave reviews and an overwhelming fan response – is already on the radar of 2015 holiday radio programmers. The popular artist fielded an overwhelming amount of requests for Chan release it as her kickoff Christmas single for 2015.

The upcoming release of “Red & Green” finds her poised to breakout across all platforms with this enchanting collection. Already dubbed the ‘Queen of Christmas,’ she first cracked the Top Ten in 2013 on both the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart and USA Today’s Holiday Current Chart with the song “Fa La La.” Welcomed by the media as an authentic Holiday newcomer with talent to spare – “‘Fa La La,’ with its ’80s New York pop vibe, is one of radio’s most-played new holiday tunes this year, right behind Kelly Clarkson’s Underneath the Tree,” raved USA Today – “She’s yet to write her own ‘White Christmas,’ but there’s no denying the earnestness she brings to tales of holiday joy or reverie,” hailed the LA Times, Chan has sprinkled her upcoming, first full-length album with songs that not only inspire, but are destined to endure as perennial favorites for years to come.