West One Music Group Edwin Cox -82-Edit

Over the past decade I have built our group of music companies into one of the leading independent production, broadcast and film music houses in the world. I combine creative vision with an eye for global industry trends and licensing practices.

I have a pop music studio background, including working as a sound engineer on numerous Top Ten UK chart hits.

Since 2002, West One Music Group has developed into a label of over 30,000 unique registered works and a home to over 450 composers. I lead a brilliant team of 40 full-time staff and head up our operations in 45 territories, with wholly owned or controlled offices in London, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Bangkok, Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles. I also oversee our state-of-the-art recording and dubbing studios.

Under my stewardship, West One Music Group has directly joined 34 collecting societies worldwide.

I have special expertise in copyright, licensing and digital platforms. I am active in delivering music to our clients in the global media industry, and in finding new licensing opportunities for our repertoire.

In June of 2013 I was elected to the board of the PRS (Performing Right Society Limited) in the UK.

Prior to re-locating to Los Angeles in 2016, I served on a number of industry committees including the PMAG (Production Music Advisory Group) as Chairman, the Licensing Committee at the PRS and the PPC (Pop Publishers Committee) at the MPA.

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