I don’t know what I love the most – music or movies. My parents bought me a VCR when I was 12, it felt like magic. But learning and performing music I started at 7. When the former and the latter comes together I can’t find more mesmerizing art.

It’s my first steps into the sync licensing industry. But I know what direction I want to head to. I love music and I love any type of visual work. So I want to write my music without tweaking it for current trends. And I want to collaborate with the other type of artist called music supervisor or anyone who does music supervisor’s art. And to be part of a project. That is my dream. My instrumentals is a weird fusion of guitar improvisations, experiments with basic musical elements, electronic tools necessary including loops and Indie Rock sound. Also for the last year I tended to lean towards hip-hop-like texture. Here are some of my favorite movies and series from music selection perspective: Stumptown, Roadies, Rounders, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Blacklist, Living with yourself, Goliath, The Big Short, Luther.

My official music is released by CDBaby and It’s pre-cleared by CDBaby Licensing and available for one-stop licensing. My latest single just got pre-cleared by CDBaby Licensing along with the other two. There is a YT link down below to listen to all three. Or you can approach directly since I’m the author of Master and Musical Work. I don’t use other’s beats or samples. And I would be happy to work as an original composer. See you at Sync Summit LA!”