F-M Cossey is a multi-genre songwriter/lyricist living in Auckland, New Zealand.  She collaborates with artists and songwriters around the world, and with her legal background, she’s interested in the business side of the music industry.

For a number of years she has been working with songwriter/producer Scott Free from Scottsdale, AZ.  As The Free 4All, they have released several EPs: Smile & Shine and Don’t Tell Santa (2017), Dear Santa (2018) and Goin’ Places (2020).

They have releases with other artists:  All the People Try to Touch the Sky with Michelle Lockey (2017), Tomorrow’s Now Yesterday  with Juliet Lyons, We Are Magic  with  Michelle Lockey (2020), Awakening & Someday I’ll Be OK with Michelle Lockey, Talk to Me Baby with Carolan Deacon and Naked Trees with Terrell Burt (2021).  Together with Elizabeth Usher, F-M is also one of the co-writers on Christine Parker’s single, Not Alone Anymore (2021).

Most of her catalogue is signed to publishers and sync agents, and she has had her music licensed in HBO Max movie Holiday Harmony, All American, a commercial for Minted, a few songs on Riverdale, Hallmark Channel movie Eat Play Love, independent documentary Breaking Good, the Golf Channel, The Young and the Restless, on air promos and some reality TV shows.

DISCO has featured the following songs on their New Releases and Library Highlights curated playlists that go out to all their music supervisors:

“Not Alone Anymore” by Christine Parker

“I’m Gonna Fly” by The Free 4All + Carolan Deacon

“Crush It” by Rakefire

“Nonstop Boss (feat. Ana Om)” by The Free 4All


Website: www.thefree4all.com

Playlist: https://s.disco.ac/togwzkjzgetx

Search our DISCO Library: https://f-mmusic.disco.ac/lib/4062

Contact: fm@cossey.co.nz