Fire Tiger

Fire Tiger is a retro power pop / classic rock band from Los Angeles, fronted by contralto singer / songwriter Tiff Alkouri, along with co-writer / keyboardist James Ramsey, guitarist Jordan Lucas, bassist Tyler Renga, and drummer Lorenzo Meynardi. Since their debut 10-song vinyl record album ‘Energy’ (2014), and their 2018 follow-up albums, ‘Suddenly Heavenly’ (2018) and ‘All the Time’ (2020), they have been gathering a notable indie following. Their songs aim to capture the nostalgic musical quality attributed to the 80s and late 70s, and bring it back to the mainstream…


“They are the only ones to offer this kind of music. Led by the very beautiful voice of singer Tiff Alkouri, our friends could have composed the soundtrack of American teen movies from the 80s. It’s pop, rock sometimes variety but it remains very anchored in a certain FM of those years.”
– Fab, Rock Meeting (Oct 13, 2020)

“Effortlessly cool with amazingly catchy songs – 80’s style music for the 2020s”
– Beth Jane Turner, Glass Onion Music Blog (Sep 23, 2020)

“Fire Tiger delivers another great album in the middle of a pandemic and it’s just what the doctor ordered! They’re a Los Angeles based retro power pop / classic rock band playing original songs that will take you back to the glory of the 80s.”
– 8 Bit Central – Retro Gaming Blog (Aug 31, 2020)

“HMMA Official Nomination: Fire Tiger – Don’t Take Me Home – Best Rock Song”
– HMMA Selections Committee, Hollywood Music In Media Awards (Taking place Jan 27, 2021)

“Fire Tiger’s New Album Is A Must-Have For 80’s Music Fans”
– David J Spuria, The Real Music Observer (Jul 24, 2020)

“Album of the Week: Fire Tiger’s All the Time”
– Brett Callwood, LA Weekly (Jul 21, 2020)

“Old school sounds mixed with a modern attitude… A band who are energetic, anchored to the past but stepping forward through a digital age. They are something to get excited about – Hats off to Fire Tiger for not only releasing an album of this quality, but for doing so in a time when the world is engrossed in a pandemic.”
– Kevin Burke, The Big Takeover (Jul 16, 2020)





ReverbNation (#1 on the Los Angeles Rock Charts)




So Many Fishes


Energy Album Preview (10 songs in 2 minutes)

Suddenly Heavenly Album Preview (10 songs in 2 minutes)

All the Time Album Preview (12 songs in 2 minutes)