As an analyst and journalist, Geoff Mayfield has tracked the music industry’s pulse for the entire course of his career, most notably at Billboard and at Universal Music Group.

Mayfield helped the music business embrace big data during his tenure managing Billboard’s charts department from 1990 through 2008, where he

guided the industry’s adoption of the objective sales and radio data. During his tenure there, he led the magazine to introduce charts and methodologies that kept pace as music consumption raced from physical product to today’s digital market platforms. He was named director of charts in 1994 and added the title senior analyst in 2004.

He also helped develop the Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Film and TV Music Conference, writing white papers about soundtracks and the evolution of that category for distribution at the event, and also planned and moderated film/TV music panels for both Billboard and Universal Music.

From late 2008 through 2012, Mayfield was VP of business analysis and market research for UMGD, Universal Music’s distribution company. In that capacity he oversaw the teams who monitored consumer and revenue trends through analysis of sales, radio, streaming and financial data, and by querying a suite of market research tools. He served on committees for the Recording Industry Assn. of American and the Music Business Association, the latter previously known as the National Assn. of Recording Merchandisers.

Mayfield currently consults and is outlining a book. He’s done projects for Yahoo and Spotify and is an advisor of Border City Media, which is rolling out a new comprehensive music data platform called BuzzAngle Music.

Twitter: @GeoMayf