(G)nosis (pronounced ˈnōsəs) is an awe-inspiring Master of Ceremonies, published poet, best selling author, national television host, prolific director, educator and multinational businessman and CEO of Timeless Classic Music, LLC, a proud sponsor of the NAMM Foundation.

At the age of 5 years old, (G)nosis found his calling dancing alongside MC Hammer. This experience would solidify his genuine love for music and passion in shaping a better world. As a CMJ Hip-Hop Top 40 charting artist above legends like Lauryn Hill and The Roots, (G)nosis is no stranger to the industry. His clean music approach has garnered favor amongst fans, and industry vets to gain licensing opportunities through Adobe, Variety, HBO, UPN20, NASCAR, VICE and others. He is an artist in the true sense of someone who seeks the liberation of both himself, and the world around him. This is displayed in his song topics, lyrical prowess and delivery – a catalyst in launching his music publishing company a decade ago. For the past two decades, (G)nosis has also been very passionate about supporting human rights initiatives including preservation of the arts, and has raised millions of dollars to help causes worldwide.

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Gnosis, CEO/Artist, Timeless Classic Music, LLC