Hannah Lee Benson is a producer, DJ, and sound artist turned sync agent. While originally from Los Angeles, she moved to Latin America (first Argentina) in 2016, where she’s continued to live since then (Mexico coming soon!). With 9 years of experience working in all aspects of the music industry – from record labels and radio stations to streaming services, events, tours, and eventually as an artist and DJ – Hannah’s had the opportunity to dip her fingers in all sorts of local and global scenes.

After working the sync side of a successful Latinx indie label, Hannah decided to start a sync agency to be able to offer this service to a wide variety of labels that she believes are not getting the attention they deserve. Her company FrutFull now represents a range of genres that spans from the prosperous electronic club scene of Glasgow, to the rich acoustic traditions of the Afro-Colombian Pacific, and everything in-between.

The nature of working with independent music is generally uphill battle, but Hannah’s passion for the music she represents is endless! After discovering that a number of the labels she wanted to work with via FrutFull didn’t have their publishing covered, she decided to start an artist-friendly publisher, FrutFull Songs, to help create more opportunities for independent artists in the sync world. FrutFull now represents a sync catalogue of about 1,500 songs, about half of which is covered by FrutFull Songs as a publisher.

In addition to functioning as a sync agency, FrutFull also represents a number of incredible independent artists just getting started in the world of original music and film scoring. Hannah is also working on getting her first music supervisor credit working on an upcoming documentary all about Ecuadorian cumbia cult legend Polibio Mayorga.