Jamie Ravine is an award-winning singer/songwriter, performer, and music community leader who loves sharing her passion for all things music in Columbus, Ohio.

Whether performing an acoustic set in front of a captive audience, or recording in a studio, Jamie’s songs are rich with emotion and memorable melodies. In addition to her solo material, she has teamed up with producer Brian Skeel to create music for the synth-pop project, Chroma Cloud. This duo creates songs with a nostalgic yet modern sound, paralleling acts such as Cannons, Depeche Mode, and The Midnight.

When not writing, recording, or performing, Jamie supports the Columbus music community by hosting a growing, monthly gathering of musicians called Green Room Meetup. She created this group in 2022 for like-minded musicians to have opportunities to network and strengthen relationships in the local scene. Green Room Meetup now boasts 225 members, starting with only eight when it began, it has quickly become a beacon of support for artists in Central Ohio.






(614) 493-7977