“Soulful grooves with a great message”

Janet is a lyricist, top liner, and singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas. 

She has a serious addiction to co-writing and birthing songs out of nothing. (And a slight addiction to chocolate.) She has a crazy sense of humor and laughs at herself, probably a little too much.

“I’m falling in love everyday! New sounds. Inspiring words. Eye candy. I mix it all up and out pops a song.”

She creates soulful, inspiring songs with a great groove, traveling easily through many genres from soul to rock to Americana to indie pop. A good song is a good song.

Janet is also a professional photographer, filmmaker, and live event painter. Her love of esctatic dancing (anywhere, anytime) lightens the room and occasionally gets her in trouble. 

Her life-long goal (after world peace) is to make life easy for supervisors and reps by creating songs that make them either dance in their seats or feel some emotions and pair well with picture.

A selection of co-writes and solo writes by Janet: https://s.disco.ac/ihvrdjeyiimt