Jennifer Stilson

Jennifer Stilson is a unique combination of creativity and focus. An executive respected for her success in building collaborative, innovative content creator teams, she has played a key role in upending traditional models to help position both new and decades-old brands and businesses as trendsetters in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

Among Jennifer’s strengths is her passion for identifying and developing opportunities that bring together a number of creative influences into the next breakthrough idea. And in situations where her teams gain important insight about how to improve, grow, and add value in the process, Jennifer provides the focus and entrepreneurial spirit required to disrupt go-to-market strategies and positively impact the trajectory of startup, rapid growth, and maturing businesses.

As a thought leader in the areas of content development, brand innovation, and the management of client relationships, Jennifer has been repeatedly invited to share insights into emerging market trends during business summits and annual industry events. Additionally, she has been selected to sit on the executive panel for a renowned academic program to judge student capstone scholars.

“Jen is truly an innovative executive. She’s an intuitive leader and dedicated mentor who inspires her teams daily. Jen’s management, interpersonal and communication skills are second to none. Her skills are exceptional. Jen has been consistently tapped to speak at numerous business summits and industry events. She is a passionate company champion, representing its brand both internally and externally. Any organization would benefit from Jen’s diverse skills. What an asset! Time and again, Jen has demonstrated a winning blend of creative, innovative and strategic thinking.” S.A. SVP VH1 & MTV