Jeff Gray is a jackass of many trades in the music industry. Some of the titles he’s held or been called are: Composer, Performer, Music Supervisor, Music Licensor/Licensee, Music Consultant, Mechanical Royalties Specialist, Manager Of Creative Services and Contracting, A&R/Talent Relations, Copywriter, Booking Agent, Talent Scout, Manager, Music Researcher, and more.

Jeff’s first foray in to the music business at 18 years old was getting paid $20 cash and a Neil Young concert VHS tape as compensation to play guitar on someone’s demo tape. This is still some of the most money he’s ever been paid for playing music.

Jeff has worked for MTV, Bug Music Publishing, Warner Music, Cleopatra Records, Fox Sports Music, Future Content LLC, Amoeba Music, Swinghouse Productions, Joshua Hoffine, Guitar Center, and more. Jeff also plays an active role in the music community as a performer (guitar), songwriter, arranger and collaborator. He is a 9 year ambassador and on-air talent for the Hunnypot Unlimited radio show and live events and an active member of The Guild Of Music Supervisors

Jeff has worked with and participated with artists such as Jennifer Marks, Superdrag, Beth Thornley, Local H, TSOL, Janis Ian, Geza X, Paul Roessler, Lovers Electric, The Shocker, Libbie Schrader, Circa Zero, Chuck Wright, Bobby Syvarth, VuVuVultures and many more.