SONGWRITER FIRST & FOREMOST. Then pianist, singer, composer, arranger. I’m grateful to be recording and performing music with my childhood musical heroes. Liberty DeVitto. Richie Cannata. And more.

Minimally processed music. No AutoTune, no click tracks, nothing artificial. We line it up and record it live just like back in the day. If you want an old school sound, with brand new killer songs, look no further.

It worked for Billy, Elton, & Bruce. And it works for me. In fact, some of the same musicians who helped bring those songs to life now bring my songs to life. How cool is that? And people have taken notice. People such as…..

Stephen Schwartz: “Very good, with catchy tunes and foot-tapping beats. Concepts that are creative and personal.”

Zac Efron: “Music and lyrics are truly brilliant.”

Jim Peterik: “I pass the torch to you. Keep writing from the heart. You got the gift.”

The music I write for the band is “Theatrical Rock Music.” Picture going to an upbeat Broadway show that is definitely rock-based.

There is plenty more. Stories for another time. It all sounds adventurous and exciting, and it has been all that for sure. I’m truly blessed. I know it, and I’m thankful. But none of it came easy. I bear the scars from many failures and am grateful to have had the resilience required to learn from them and move forward. And the fact that you’re even reading this means that it was all worth it.


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