My name is John Power and yes, that is my real name! I am a music producer that helps advertisers captivate their audiences by producing powerful music for ads. 

One of my first experiences being overtaken by the music bug was in 1995 during the opening theme song for the movie “Mortal Kombat.” I was hypnotized by the feel of the composition and felt compelled to learn how to play it on my keyboard. 

A few years later, the music bug hit me again when my friend taught me how to play “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on guitar. I remember sitting in my room, being fascinated by simply recording myself on a microcassette recorder and listening to the playback.

The third visit from the music bug was in college when a roommate introduced me to making beats which began my journey of music production. I had visions that one day my productions would be played on radio and TV and that dream has started to come true!

My musical journey has allowed me to combine my love for multiple genres into producing profitable musical assets that help businesses grow! 

The goal of my company, Powerful Entertainment LLC, is to produce powerful music assets to help businesses captivate their audiences and rapidly grow their brands. My goal specifically for attending the Sync Summit is to build thriving partnerships, learn from the pros and become a trusted service for Music Supervisors and others in the Sync Licensing industry.


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