Josh Knight

Inspired by the likes of John Legend, Kid Cudi, and J Cole, Josh Knight is a Nigerian American artist who specializes in weaving together soulful vocals and thoughtful flows. Using his tailored sound he creates unique soundscapes and tells stories of being human while trying to evolve in these modern times of microwave love, polarizing views, and the everlasting race of self actualization. Knight has curated and hosted variety shows highlighting the Sacramento art and music scene. Earlier this year he released a summer project “Simply Summer 20” as well as a 2020 deluxe version of his 2017 debut EP “Waiting for the Weight”. Most recently this last November, he’s released his first full length album ‘Scorpion in the Sun: Road To Kemet’

Phone: 209-275-8883
ClubHouse: @joshknightmusic