“Julia Marlow has been writing and composing music for over 40 years both commercially and personally for a variety of projects.

With an emphasis on simplicity and elegance, Ms. Marlow creates arrangements that evoke a sense of calm and peacefulness. Her work has been featured in films, television commercials, documentaries, and as background for educational materials for children with special needs.

Ms. Marlow draws inspiration from the vast landscapes she inhabits and explores, both internally and externally, including the feelings she intuits from nature, and from her strong spiritual awareness. Although she is grounded in a classical foundation, her works expresses essences of folk and other musical sensitivities.

Starting with a canvas of “white”, Ms. Marlow uses her instrumentation choices to color and enhance her soothing compositions.

Whether you are looking for a custom written piece to compliment your project or you need a stock clip from the Thomas Library, Ms. Marlow and her qualified team can provide you with the perfect musical accompaniment.


youtube: juliabracemarlow

facebook: thomasmusiclibrary