Joff is an extremely versatile musician and composer. A Berklee Music graduate, he is also the lead singer/guitarist for the post rock group Sanguine Hum (progressive music awards nominees 2012) and a busy score composer.

Joff specialises in orchestral composition, midi mockup and written score, composing music for intimate solo instrumentals all the way up to symphonic orchestral pieces. Joff is also very adept at writing world music be it Indian raga, afro cuban samba or a haunting Irish lament.

Joff is perhaps one of our most versatile composers whose interest in music is very diverse and is reflected in his work, which ranges from ambient electronica and music concrete to minimalism and full orchestral scores along side song and chamber pieces.

“I create music using live performance in combination with the latest sampling and computer technology, using hybrid-recording techniques whenever possible to capture true performances. I endeavour in all my compositions to create an individual voice with a unique character and spirit.”

Joff’s compositions have featured on Network TV both nationally and internationally as well as short films and computer games. My songs have won critical acclaim from the BBC featuring on Radio 1 and BBC 6 music and during 2009 I came runner up in the UK songwriters competition winning 2nd prize in two categories.

Joff is also an alumni of Berklee Music studying Arranging for Film & TV completing modules in World Music, Orchestration and Songwriting for picture.

“I have a deep love of music and creative work, something that I strive to bring to all my collaborations. — Joff Winks