Kahlil Khalil (27) is a producer, songwriter, drummer, and performer bringing to the industry his own spin on Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, and Afro-Carribean music. Kahlil is conscious and proud of his heritage as a Trinidadian-American with West-Coast roots. Born into a musical family and raised up by many artists in the Portland Reggae, Hip-Hop and Soul/Funk scene, Kahlil Khalil’s sound embodies the culture and sonic landscape of “American West meets West Indies” and pays homage to the many musical influences that have helped develop his critical ear and creative productions.

A graduate of the Musician’s Institute engineering program, Kahlil spent 2019-2022 working as a recording and mix engineer in one of Los Angeles’ most elite recording studios. There he had the opportunity to learn from top Billboard artists the art and craft of hit songwriting and is credited on Young Thug’s 2021 Punk album.

2022 brought Kahlil Khalil his first sync placements, with all three submitted songs featured on the NBA 2K22 game soundtrack.

Kahlil’s true passion is collaboration. He has spearheaded a Black/Multi-Cultural/Multi-Generational writing and production collective with all members of the collective bringing vast musical expertise. Kahlil Khalil has an unreleased catalog of 200+ original songs and 800+ instrumental compositions and also represents the catalogs of others in the collective. Currently receiving briefs from Sony, this group of talented writers and producers is focused on expanding its presence in the Sync industry and is eager to be of service to Music Supervisors, Sync Agents and Licensing Managers world wide.