Kate McLaughlin - flowerface

I am most comfortable in nature, the space where songs can form.

In the absence of humans I can feel them better.

I write songs because despite what has happened or what will happen I am hopelessly optimistic.

I love hiking, experimenting with new sounds, finding the right lyrics and singing emotion.

Introverted as I am, I love connecting with people.

I am inspired by timeless themes and the human capacities.


Licensed music with

OWN Network and performed on a tour they did when first promoted their channel

Sponsored by Elixir Strings

Artist Endorsement – Taylor Guitars


Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Ben & Jerry’s One World One Heart Festival

Great Falls Civic Center

Radio, TV appearances

Kate has performed in front of a total of 5000 people.


Her music is ultimately about connecting with the listeners through uplifting melodies, high-energy releases and unforgettable hooks.

Her versatile voice as an instrument weaves textured stories to reconcile emotion.


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Contact: kate@songsinside.com

Mobile: 406-471-1733