Artist Profile – Katie Wellenberg

“The essence of a human life is their story”.

Based in Munich/Germany Singer/Songwriter Katie Wellenberg mixes captivating, often visual lyric-writing with straight-foward melodic hooks sending listeners on a quest for deeper meaning within their souls.

Katie´s goal is to strenghten people in their world within, to help them put up with the world around with all its glory, majesty and cruelty.

Her debut album “Root To Rise”, released in 2020, was an hommage to the life of a highly sensitive woman on her journey from savage teenage years towards maturity and self-discovery.

Her second album “Time Will Tell” is set for release in November 2022. It comprises 8 songs that take listeners on a journey through a romantic relationship, from love to loss through grief and ultimately towards healing and renewal.

Among Katie´s influences are artists like Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow and Courtney Marie Andrews. “I am deeply inspired by female songwriters that speak truth and understand the alchemy that music making really is. Meeting listeners in places of heartship, taking them by the hand and together rising to the light. All I ever wanted was for my music to have an impact on peoples´lives in the way music has impacted -and often times saved mine.” says Katie

Katie has been a finalist in the German Songwriting Awards twice  (2017 and 2020) and a nominee in the US Songwriting Awards within the “Music for Motion Pictures” category (2019).  She owns her publishing and is ready to pitch her music one-stop, precleared, all in for sync.

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