Katy Davidson (pronouns: they/them/theirs) has been a Music Supervisor, Music Producer, and A&R Advisor at Marmoset since 2014, leading many global brand campaigns, original scores and music licensing projects. Outside of Marmoset, Katy has performed in 26 countries, collaborating in a variety of roles and projects for nearly twenty years, including with Gossip, YACHT, Mirah, The Blow, Dirty Projectors, Lloyd & Michael, Key Losers, and Katy’s main project, Dear Nora. 

Songwriter, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and frequent collaborator, Davidson’s musical tastes represent a spectrum of styles encompassing classic rock, experimental music, ethereal pop, new age, punk, and R&B. Davidson writes songs with layered meanings and themes that contemplate the vast realms and intersections of wilderness, humanity, morality, technology, late capitalism, and love. In 2016, music critic Casey Jarman hailed Davidson to be “one of the finest songwriters of their generation.” 

Best known for indie pop band, Dear Nora, Davidson revived the project after an almost 10-year hiatus in 2017 when Orindal Records reissued the band’s quintessential record, Mountain Rock on vinyl. The reissue received widespread acclaim (“Best Reissue” by Pitchfork) and the band toured extensively for the past two years. Spurred by the revival, Davidson released the first new Dear Nora material in a decade, Skulls Example, in May 2018.