Soulful powerhouse vocalist and acoustic-rocker, Keri Edwards, passionately crafts songs to inspire and empower listeners. The Power Pack Studios co-founder and Lancaster, PA native is capturing hearts and has been nominated as Best Female Artist for two years running in the Central Pennsylvania Music Awards (CPMAs). She is a gifted lyricist and melodist, specializing in expressing the core message and emotion of each project. 

“…the team wrote a song that is impactful, apt, and beautifully rendered. The genius of Keri [Edwards], Lori [Laviolette], and Kate [Skidmore] made the whole process a joy to undertake. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of it. I highly recommend hiring [them] to write songs and music for your next film. All Wounds is definitely a better film because of their contribution.“

– Catherine Vouvray, Writer/Director

“We reached out for an end credits song, and got passionate, earnest, intuitive collaborators truly gifted in music and word. Their openness to the film’s message and desire to remain true to the vision make the All Wounds/Only Way Out marriage quite powerful. I look forward to another opportunity to work with the brilliance of these empowering women, and encourage you to check them out for your upcoming projects.”

– Leslie Ben Hamilton, Producer

“The level of passion, zeal, and creativity in these women made it easy to stay inspired working with them. The production quality matches their hard work and fighting spirits! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

– Joshua Williams, Writer/Director/Producer


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