CloudPainter is a rising band operating from their freshly built world-class recording studio in Arizona. 

Founder of Cloud Microphones and co-inventor of the iconic Cloudlifter, RJ Cloud, teams up with long-time musical partner Liz Painter. Featuring Steve Smith on bass and Josh Sailor on drums, CloudPainter revives the folk-rock melodies of the industry’s golden age offering listeners a unique blend of classic rock, soul & folk tale rhythm.

Previous studio albums by Painter include “Home Before Dark”, “What If…”, and “Perfect Girl.” Cloud and Painter are also business partners in Cloud Music, LLC, a new sync licensing boutique startup. Cloud Music is building a catalog of select artists and multiple genres focused on pop, hip-hop, rock and folk. 

Painter and Cloud work with talented songwriters and producers worldwide. They would love to collaborate virtually or give you a tour of their top-tier recording studio if you’re in Arizona! 

Since its completion in 2020, the studio has helped to capture their authentic new track “Love Come Down” and much anticipated new album.  With a collection of vintage instruments, microphones and amplifiers, the band explores the sonic characteristics of iconic instruments recorded with a hybrid of vintage/modern techniques to achieve their original sound. 

CloudPainter brings it all together with a full complement of RJ’s patented microphones, capturing the essence of their musical personality. CloudPainter’s music feels raw, real, and intimate. Created with a certain degree of chic old-schoolness, demonstrating a fresh retro-meets-contemporary sound that brings you home.


(575) 770-4898