[title size=”1″]Interview: The Longest Night[/title]

The Longest Night

1. Tell us about your band and it’s origins – how did you decide to go into music and why?

 While raising “Rock Music” awareness in the music associate degree program at the Barbados Community College, which is predominantly a jazz school, I met drummer Bobby Havoc and former bassist Jahz, who then came up with the cool idea, “hey maybe we should start a band or something.” That’s how TLN was formed. Bobby then gave a call to his longtime friend, guitarist Will O’Donnell, who agreed to complete the unit in its initial incarnation. Our first jam session was horrible; I really didn’t think the band would survive more than a week. Three years later and our debut album completed, TLN is still together and making major steps in the music industry. Prior to forming TLN, all members were involved heavily in music, as each had their own separate solo projects going on. This really helped when it came to creating original material.

I have always loved music. I played my first musical instrument at three years old. I wrote and composed my first song, which charted in the U.S., at thirteen years old. I consider music to be my talent and it is certainly my passion. Finding three guys who shared the same passion for Rock music in Barbados, was a dream come true.

We decided to go into the music industry as a Barbadian rock band because, not only is this rather unique given our geographical location, but we all enjoy playing rock music and we are pretty good at it.

2.  How long have you been songwriting?  How many songs do you have in your repertoire?

 I was always encouraged from an early age by family and friends to be a complete artist. As such, from about 12 years old, I’ve been songwriting and composing. From originally being only an instrumentalist to discovering my singing talent along the way, I have been able to develop into a complete artist who can competently song write, compose, arrange and perform my material. The ability to sing came as a big surprise. Now that I’m 20 years old, I have amassed over 50 songs in my repertoire covering wide variety of genres and writing styles. In TLN, being the sole writer, I have written over 16 songs for the band, 10 being on our debut album, State Of Attention.

3.  Is this your first time playing in Hollywood?  What are you looking to achieve?

 Yes this is our first time playing in Hollywood and outside of Barbados! We are still coming to grips to believe a little rock band from a tiny island called Barbados would actually make it to Hollywood to play a showcase at Sync Summit as our first international outing. What are we hoping to achieve? We are hoping that the audience appreciates our music, as we share our “island rock” with them and that we are afforded the opportunity to share it with the world.

4.  How can people work with you if they want to Sync your music?

they can contact us at tlnthelongestnight@gmail.com