Lynda Dobbin-Turner is an independent singer and songwriter and performing artist who currently resides in Kenora, Ontario, Canada.

Her music generally falls into the genres of folk, singer-songwriter, Canadiana, or country. Lynda’s intention is to create music that offers listeners a sense of hope for better days ahead, and her storytelling style helps people to feel connected to both Lynda and her music. She deeply understands the power that music holds, and is aware that some of her messages have literally saved lives.

Her greatest wish is that through her continued writing and growth, that message will have the opportunity to reach large masses of people who are struggling through life’s hardest times, and offer them support and hope to keep going.

After focusing her attention on the needs of her late son, Lynda resurrected her passion for music and has released three full length albums. Reflections (2005), Just One Life (2009) and Steering by Starlight (2018). For the past two years, while continuing to write her music her way, she has also been collaborating with Nashville songwriter/Producer John Neil Martin ( ) exploring different styles and genres. Together, under John’s label, Purple Mountain, they are building a catalogue of music proudly labelled Epic-Trax.

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CONTACT: Lynda Dobbin-Turner email: Ph: 204-239-7654