Marcelo Guima

Marcelo Guima was born in Rio de Janeiro, and had his musical training in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia and his Bachelor’s degree in guitar at the University of Brasilia in 1990.

—During his career, he released five TV specials shows which approached his musical work, which were aired on 4 different Channels in Brazil and TVE (Spain).

To date, Guima has released 4 albums. The last one, “Dois Compassos”, was done in partnership with an all-star roster, including the famous veteran composer Delcio Carvalho, with co-production from the producer and bassist Arthur Maia and the presence of the percussionist Marcos Suzano and accordionist Toninho Ferragutti, among others.

— As a performer, he’s graced stages in Brazil and in several countries, including Germany, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala. Outside of Brazil, he’s also performed master-classes of Brazilian music and guitar.

In the sectors of advertising and music for TV and film, Guima, with his team in his Company (“Arko Music + Entertainment”), has made more than 90 jobs for TV, movies and cartoons, and won 7 awards for “Best Original Soundtrack” for film, in Brazil.

Following are some examples of Gumia’s work in advertising and TV:

McDonalds and the World Cup:

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