mbulkeleyMarcy Bulkeley is the Music Director at Wild Card AV (www.wildcardav.com).

Previously at Big Picture Entertainment and BLT. She is responsible for the music in the advertising campaigns for the films Noah, Looper, Inception, Hangover 2, The Town, Hubble 3D, as well as many others.

In 2013 the Guild of Music Supervisors nominated Marcy in the category of Best Music Supervisor in Trailers (for Looper), and in 2011 she was awarded a Key Art Award for Best Original Music in Trailers for her work on the Inception campaign.

Marcy has been in the music supervision world for over twelve years, consistently building and nurturing relationships with record labels, publishers, composers, agents, and music production companies worldwide. Marcy graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Audio / Radio Production and directed her studies towards film and television music.

Her education continued in Los Angeles at UCLA with extended studies in music supervision, publishing, and music copyright law. Her background includes music supervision for films, working with Kathy Nelson, formerly the VP of Film music at Universal Pictures, G Marq Roswell at 35Sound, as well as music consulting for several commercial advertising campaigns.