Marie Noorani is part of the songwriting/producing duo, ZILLIOX, based in Southeastern Washington State. Inspired by the downtempo, chill electronica of late 90s Trip Hop, ZILLIOX produces tunes that feature female vocals, synth, FX, ambient textures, heavy bass, orchestral elements, and noir themes. Although ZILLIOX’s music has fostered a devoted niche following in Southeastern Washington and has enjoyed consistent regional radio play, Marie is brand new to sync. She is passionate about the role vocal and orchestral music play in telling stories (as a child she collected movie soundtracks) and hopes her songs can serve the entertainment and advertising industry. Aware of the challenges facing music supervisors, Marie offers quick ONE STOP licensing for all ZILLIOX’s works. She is excited to be participating in SyncSummit for the first time and hopes to learn more about the ins-and-outs of sync, discover new opportunities, connect with music supervisors and other industry professionals, and find additional avenues for growth.,


(509) 308-4149